Mom-To-Be Includes Late Husband In Heartbreaking Maternity Shoot

When Amanda and Jesse Snyder learned they were expecting their first child, they were overjoyed. Throughout the first months, Jesse didn’t leave his wife’s side.

“He was there for every appointment, he was there right next to me when I was so sick I couldn’t leave the bathroom or my bed, and he did everything he could to show his love to me,” Amanda told HuffPost.

On May 27, Jesse died in a tragic accident, leaving his pregnant wife to prepare for their unborn son’s arrival without him. When the time came for her to take maternity photos, Amanda decided to include her late husband in whatever way she could.

“I had lost so much, and all I was left with were memories and pictures to look back on. So I guess you’d say pictures mean the world to me,” the mom told HuffPost. “I knew if I didn’t get them taken I would regret it.”

Photographer Shanna Logan used Photoshop magic to incorporate Jesse into the photos. The photo shoot took place on July 11 at Logan’s family farm in Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania. Amanda wore a blue dress. She had picked out a matching shirt for Jesse, which she ended up using for his burial outfit.

During the session, the photographer asked Amanda to talk about Jesse and her unborn son, Jameson. “As she opened up, you could feel what she was going through: the pain, her loss, but then also her happiness for her new bundle of joy she was going to welcome soon into the world,” Logan told HuffPost. The two women shared hugs and tears.




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