Australia debate over overweight models in Sports Illustrated show

A debate has emerged in Australia about whether overweight models who appear on the catwalk are glorifying obesity.

The debate follows the appearance of plus-size models in a Sports Illustrated swimsuit catwalk show.

An opinion article in Sydney’s Daily Telegraph criticised the use of larger models as “irresponsible”, while a health expert said they promoted a “dangerous” message about health.

However, other experts say the catwalk should represent all body shapes.

The debate was ignited after columnist Soraiya Fuda wrote: “If the fashion industry decides to stop using models who appear to have starved themselves to skin and bones – as they should – they shouldn’t then choose to promote an equally unhealthy body shape.”

However, speaking on local television, Sports Illustrated editor MJ Day said: “We have made a very positive statement that beauty is not ‘one size fits all’.”



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