The waiter who served Fmr Nigerian President, Goodluck Jonathan, tells me about his encounter with the President

So I recently came back from vacation with my family.  On this cruise vacation, we were attended to by a Jamaican waiter. He was quite gracious. Upon hearing our accent he guessed that we were Nigerians.

He boasted that he had been hosted in Nigeria by our Fmr President Goodluck Jonathan aka GEJ. I was intrigued and asked him to share how he met GEJ.

He said GEJ, who was still a President at that time, had been on the cruise 3 times, renting out the entire guest suites on a particular floor for his over 50 entourage.  Mind you suites cause on average, $10,000. Yesh!

It did not stop there, GEJ was so taken by him and the 3 other servers that he invited then to his castle in Abuja (this castle, I believe to be Aso Rock, the Presidential House, like the U.S White House).  He and the 3 other servers were flown FIRST CLASS to Abuja.

Hmm, I am sure they were also given some $$$$.  That’s how our money is being spent.


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