Sausage roll row: US ‘invents’ new summer snack

There has been a British outcry on social media after a US chain claimed to have invented a new summer snack that looks suspiciously like a sausage roll.

Supermarket Trader Joe’s has called it the “Puff Dog”.

Los Angeles-based lifestyle website Hello Giggles said it was “genius”.

However, the UK’s The Mirror newspaper was less impressed. “Sausage roll given ridiculous new name,” read its headline on Saturday.

Although other European countries also have a centuries-old fondness for meat wrapped in pastry, the UK has made the sausage roll its own.

British bakery chain Greggs sells more than 2.5 million of them every week.

It is typically sausage meat wrapped in puff pastry, although the Puff Dog has opted to use beef.

Yet can the UK really claim the last laugh?

Earlier this year, a large part of the Spanish-speaking world was amused when the UK’s Costa Coffee chain appeared to conceive the cortado coffee.

The cortado – a small coffee with a dash of milk – has long been popular in cafes from Spain to Argentina.

Yet sandwich boards spotted outside Costa Coffee in April heralded: “The next big thing in coffee.”

“2017: England invents the cortado,” read one widely shared, tongue-in-cheek tweet (in Spanish), accompanied by a picture of the advert.

“Clearly, the recurring Gibraltar issue is not the only pending dispute between Spain and the United Kingdom,” joked Spanish news site 20 Minutos.

I grew up in Nigeria so you bet I know what sausage roll should taste like. I will purchase Trader Joe’s brand and review it on the blog,,,,,,,, stay tuned



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