Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg in call to help working mothers

Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg has made a US Mother’s Day call for the government to do more for working women.

The social media giant’s chief operating officer called for a higher minimum wage, paid family leave and affordable childcare.

Some 40% of US households with children rely on a woman as the key breadwinner, she said in a Facebook post.

“It’s time for our public policies to catch up with what our families deserve and what our values demand,” she said.

Ms Sandberg, an influential voice in corporate America, is one of the wealthiest American women with a net worth estimated at $1.38bn.

She wrote on Sunday that the US government and employers must do more to help parents, especially single mothers, who are struggling to provide for their children while assuring their safety and well-being.

The widowed mother of two said: “We all have a responsibility to help mothers as well as fathers balance their responsibilities at work and home.”

One of the most important actions the government could take is to help millions of families living near the poverty line by raising the federal minimum wage, she said.

“Childcare for two children exceeds the median annual rent in all 50 states. How are parents supposed to work if they don’t have a safe and affordable place to leave their kids?”


Well said.



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