Architects to block name on Trump building with giant floating pigs

A group of architects is planning to hoist four gigantic pig balloons in front of a Trump building in Chicago as a one-day protest.

The Chicago-based design company is gathering donations to purchase the massive piggy balloons and park them on a barge in the Chicago River, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The four balloons, each the size of a “London bus,” are expected to obscure the President Trump’s signature moniker on the Trump International Hotel and Tower in downtown Chicago, the paper said.

The firm, New World Design Ltd., is still getting approval from the city for the stunt, but expect to fly the big pigs sometime this summer.

The expected $250,000 cost will partially be covered by donations from the American Civil Liberties Union and Planned Parenthood, according to the Tribune.

The company’s architect and principal said he was inspired by Pink Floyd’s inflatable pig balloon on the cover of their 1977 album “Animals.”


NY Post

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