The Fake Life of Nigerians….. reputation before character

Many times, I have read and heard about the lifestyles of many Nigerians. Many of them living seemingly fast and luxurious lives…..all lies. Many have to keep living that way because they think they have a “reputation” to uphold.  They are too “deep” in their deceit that asking for help is out o the questions. So what do they do to keep up the fad? Borrow, Borrow, live up others and pretend that their borrowed money is all a result of their so called “hustle” in their business that no one can even pinpoint down.

Unfortunately for these people of no character, no moral compass, your secret life will always catch up with you…. you will be exposed for who you really are.

Live a life that you can afford. Do not live off others, work hard, work hard, earn a living to provide for your family, no one cares if you have to work in Mr Biggs or start from the ground again. All that matters is providing the legitimate way and asking the Almighty to Bless the works of your hand.

Let your character be your reputation, it’s possible, it’s attainable….

My Wednesday rant!

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