Riders ignore woman with head trapped between subway doors

A disturbing online video shows a straphanger wedged between subway doors from the neck up as passersby casually walk past her on the platform.

The woman found herself caught in between the doors of a No. 4 train at around 12:45 p.m. Tuesday as the train reached the end of the line at the Woodlawn station in the Bronx, transit sources said.

Apparently realizing too late that the train was at its last stop and had already emptied out, the woman rushed for the doors and became trapped, sources said.

The woman, who was standing inside the train car, can be seen in the video with her head and her black and white bag stuck between the two doors.

The short clip, which has gone viral, was taken by another straphanger sitting on the subway across the outdoor platform.

An MTA worker can be seen strolling past the trapped woman in the clip, but the agency said that the employee had already spoken to the woman and told her that workers would have the doors open soon.

“While this is an unfortunate incident, the passenger was able to get out safely with assistance from our train operator,” said MTA spokeswoman Beth DeFalco. “Because the doors were ajar, the train was never in danger of moving.”

The woman eventually was freed and declined medical assistance, according to officials.

The caption on the Instagram video reads, “If you thought you were having a bad day just be glad this isn’t you but I’m just trying to figure out why everybody walking past like nothing is happening.”

The clip has been viewed more than 1.3 million times on the social media site.


NY Post

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