Body found in suitcase in Italian port of Rimini

Police are investigating whether a body found in a suitcase in an Italian port could be that of a missing Dublin-based woman.

Chinese-born Xing Lei Li went missing on a cruise in February. She was last seen on 10 February after boarding the ship in Genoa.

Ms Li’s husband Daniel Belling was arrested in Rome attempting to board a flight to Dublin last month.

His lawyer insists the suitcase body is too tall to be that of Ms Li.

Mr Belling insists she left the cruise following an argument, but no evidence has been found of his wife leaving the ship.

She was allegedly only reported missing when staff did a head-count when the cruise ended.

The couple were on a family holiday on the MSC Magnifica with their two young children, who now remain in Italian protective custody.

The suitcase found was in the port of Rimini, northeast of Rome and hundreds of miles away from where Italian police had suggested Ms Li could have been murdered and thrown overboard.

Local reports (in Italian) suggest the dismembered body of an Asian female was found in a black bag inside a suitcase by port workers. She is believed to have been dead for at least 10 days.

However Mr Belling’s solicitor has denied the body found could be that of Ms Li, insisting: “The body in the suitcase is 170cm in height, but Daniel Belling’s wife is smaller than that.”



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