The art of being a Human Being

I have been pondering on the nature of us, Humans.  How we relate to each other, how we live and our inner motivations.

It also saddens me that I have to explain a lot to my kids on the decisions people make as they affect others.  Do we have to complicate things? Why can’t we treat each other like we would want to be treated ourselves. That’s how I operate, do unto others as you would yourselves.  Is it that difficult?

We have leaders that are supposed to be beyond reproach, but unfortunately, we have self centered, self serving so called leaders.  Why can we not focus on the greater good?  Live a life of continuous  self reflection. Work on making yourself better, say sorry when you’re wrong, give up a dollar for the person in front of the grocery store line that is short of change, let someone cut in front of you, send flowers to your mom/dad, and turn a blind eye to your kids eating a cookie after brushing your teeth. Slow down, don’t let life drive you. Pause, breathe and value the things that matter.


Image credit:The Wolf

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