French school shooting: Teenage boy arrested after two people injured

Police have arrested a boy of 17 in the southern French town of Grasse after at least two people were hurt in a shooting at a school.

The boy, who is said to have been armed with three guns and two grenades, launched the attack at Tocqueville high school at lunchtime.

Police say the headmaster seems to have been a target, and is among the injured.

Anti-terrorist commandos from the elite Raid force were sent to the scene.

Regional president Christian Atrosi said the “precise circumstances” around the shooting remained unclear, amid a number of conflicting reports.

One student reported hearing four gunshots, while another student, speaking to Nice Matin (in French), described hearing three loud bangs before turning and seeing a shooter.

The government minister for victims affairs, Juliette Meadel, said via social media that all students were safe, adding her thoughts were with the parents of the two people injured in the attack.



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