South Sudan: A mother’s grief

The South Sudanese teenager’s body was laid out on a bed, under a tree, beneath a mosquito net.

On one bedpost hung the metal ligature which had cut into his neck when he was strangled. Another piece of wire had been tied around his ankles.

One of the children who had been fishing in the river saw Isaac’s body.

Those who had not fled the village knew him well, and now they were waiting for his mother to arrive.

People in Yei are afraid – afraid to speak out, and afraid they might be the next ones to be pulled from their homes in the middle of the night and to turn up dead in the river.

The government faction of the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) controls the town of Yei, 150km (93 miles) south-west of the capital, Juba, but not too much around it.

A few miles out along any of the roads – to the Juba or to Uganda, they only travel in large convoys as military vehicles are prone to guerrilla attack.

The rebels are known as the SPLA In Opposition, or “IO”, but when civil war spread to this previously peaceful part of South Sudan everything became even more complicated.

Please continue reading this story on BBC.



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