Kim Jong Nam’s son says he’s gone into hiding

Kim Han-sol gave an interview to Finnish television in 2012

The son of Kim Jong Nam — the assassinated half-brother of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un — has appeared on video to say he’s gone into hiding with his mother and sister.

Kim Han Sol, 21, was seen in a 40-second video discussing his unfortunate situation following the fatal poisoning of his dad at Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia on Feb. 13.

During the clip, the young man raises his passport to confirm his identity, but portions of it are blacked out to protect him.

“My name is Kim Han Sol, from North Korea, part of the Kim family,” the mild-mannered man says in the video. “My father has been killed a few days ago. I’m currently with my mother and my sister. We hope this gets better soon. We are very grateful to …,” Sol says, before the audio is cut short apparently to shield those who are hiding him and his family.

The video was released by an organization claiming to help North Korean defectors.

South Korean intelligence officials verified Sol’s identity to CNN.


NY Post

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