Migrants killed in fighting between Libya people smugglers

Fighting between rival gangs of people smugglers in Libya has led to the deaths of 22 migrants, the International Organization for Migration has said .

The IOM said the incident happened in Subratah recently.

Reports about the fighting emerged after 110 migrants were brought ashore by the Libyan coastguard on 3 March when their boat started taking on water.

The migrants have since been transferred to two detention centres where they are receiving emergency assistance.

In its latest report on migration to Europe, the IOM said 19,384 migrants and refugees entered Europe by sea in 2017 up until 5 March – more than 80% of whom arrived in Italy and the rest in Spain and Greece.

This compares with 138,524 through the first 65 days of 2016, when many Syrians were making the journey across the eastern Mediterranean to Greece.

The IOM says the number of Mediterranean fatalities this year stood at 521, as of 5 March, compared with 471 at the same date in 2016.



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