U.S. Dad dies after ‘downing’ full bottle of tequila in Domincan Republic nightclub

The dad of a newborn baby has died after “downing” a bottle of tequila in a nightclub without stopping.

Kelvin Rafael Mejía took part in the stunt in the Dominican Republic in an effort to secure prize money of 40,000 pesos – the equivalent of roughly £680.

He could be seen standing on stage of the Vacca Lounge club in the city of La Romana and completing the challenge as dozens of spectators took images with mobile phones and cheered him on.

However, as the 23-year-old neared the end of the bottle, he could be seen needing support and had to be held to remain upright.

After ingesting the full bottle, Mejía raised his arms in jubilation and remained conscious long enough to be handed his prize money, but seconds later could be seen wobbling around before collapsing.

He was taken to the nearby Centro Médico Coral for treatment, but died shortly after of suspected alcohol poisoning.



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