Viral video makes case for ‘US first, India second’

India is the latest country vying to be “second” after US President Donald Trump vowed to put America First.

A “Valentine’s Day message” to Mr Trump created by Mumbai company Sooperfly makes a “strong” case for the country.

India, it argues, is “amazing at being second”, proved by the fact that it has the world’s second largest population.

“We wanted to do an India video ever since we saw the Dutch appeal to Mr Trump,” Roopak Saluja, CEO of Sooperfly, told the BBC.

The video, which was uploaded on 14 February, has received a little over 300,000 views on YouTube, but has received much more traction on Facebook, Mr Saluja said.

A post by Sooperfly was shared more than 1,100 times while a Mashable articleabout the video quickly went viral, with over 41,000 shares all over the world.

The Netherlands was in fact, the first country to ask the US for “second place” status in a video which was swiftly followed by similar appeals from a slew of European countries including Switzerland, Denmark, Germany and Belgium.



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