CarlosCarlos Santana Pokes Beyhive, Says Beyoncé ‘Not a Singer’

The overwhelming consensus since Sunday night is that Beyonce was robbed at the Grammys. But according to legendary guitarist Carlos Santana, Queen Bey deserved the surprising upset that saw Adele’s “25” beat Beyonce’s “Lemonade” to win Album of the Year. Santana, weighing in on the matter this week, for some reason, declared about Adele that “she can sing,” while Beyonce, he says, is “not a singer.”

“I think that Adele won because she can sing, sing,” Santana told the Australian Associated Press, via the New Zealand Herald.

He added, “With all respect to our sister Beyonce, Beyonce is very beautiful to look at and it’s more like modelling kind of music – music to model a dress – she’s not a singer, singer, with all respect to her.”

Santana and Beyonce performed together at the pre-game festivities before the Super Bowl in 2003.

For what it’s worth, even Adele thought Beyonce was robbed.

“I can’t possibly accept this award,” Adele said in her acceptance speech at the end of the Grammy Awards. “I’m very humbled and I’m very grateful and gracious, [but] the artist of my life is Beyonce, and the album to me, the “Lemonade” album, was so monumental, and so well thought out. And so beautiful and soul-bearing and we all got to see another side of you that you don’t always let us see, and we appreciate that.”



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