Trump should love Ashley Biden’s new fashion line

Ashley Biden, former vice-president Joe Biden’s daughter, has launched a new clothing line that President Trump should be pleased about.

Livelihood is 100% made in the USA and proceeds will go to help underserved communities across the country.

American manufacturing is a big thing for the president so he’s got to be pretty happy, right?

In contrast, items from Trump’s daughter Ivanka’s fashion line were made in China and shipped in.

And the range, which Ivanka lends her name to, has now been dropped by Nordstrom after falling sales.

‘Livelihood’ will invest in two under-resourced zip codes a year

It comes as no real surprise that a social worker has launched a clothing line which financially supports struggling areas in society.

Ashley grew up working in communities who are lacking resources and she told Teen Vogue that local boards will be created to decide what initiatives need the funding the most:

“I want a janitor, a school teacher, the local pastor, whomever is involved in the community to sit at the table and to pick the projects for economic development.”




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