President Obama invites Kendrick Lamar To The White House

Compton rapper, Kendrick Lamar, may not be President Barack Obama’s favourite rapper, but i bet he is top 5 in the playlist that’s probably topped by Sean Carter aka Jay Z.

The rapper who also goes by King Kunta recently met the most powerful man in the world in the oval office.

Speaking on his experience as part of a new Public Service Announcement in support of the National Mentoring Partnership, Kendrick said:

 “I look where I’m at today and realize that most of my success is owed to the mentors that was in my life.”

“I sat down with President Barack Obama. We shared the same views: topics concerning the inner cities, the problems, the solutions and, furthermore, embracing the youth, both being aware that mentoring saves lives.”


“Sometimes, I reflect and think back. Where would I be if I didn’t have the presence of an older acquaintance telling me what’s right and what’s wrong, telling me the pros and cons of every move I was ‘bout to make, telling me the best way to plan success for my future?”


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